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Doctor Yang observes a student conducting lab tests.


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    Center for a Sustainable Water Future
    Illinois State University

    Normal, IL


The Center for a Sustainable Water Future is an interdisciplinary initiative that brings together academically diverse faculty from across campus to advance research, creative expression, teaching, and outreach activities promoting and enhancing effective and viable water solutions and stewardship within Illinois and with our regional, national, and global partners.

Through action research, our interdependence and relationship with water will be explored, investigated, and shared promoting a broader sustainable water ethic for the future.

Center Goals

This is how we plan to carry out our mission.

  • Goal 1

    Encourage cross-disciplinary engagement and collaboration among and between faculty, students, and community, regional, and national global partners.

  • Goal 2

    Increase educational opportunities and support instruction that focuses on a water theme across campus by further​ enhancing and supporting existing courses and curricula.

  • Goal 3

    Promote the outstanding work of the Center to all stakeholders.

Meet the Team

Members of the Advisory Committee are an interdisciplinary team of staff and faculty from different departments and campus units. They offer input into the Center’s programs, support the Center’s activities in various ways, and provide leadership for activities that lie within their areas of expertise.