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Fisherman in Tanzania.

Promoting and enhancing effective global water stewardship.

The Center for a Sustainable Water Future is an interdisciplinary initiative for anyone who has an interest in water-related issues.

Why We're Here

Water is a crucial global resource for all life, and it is increasingly under threat.

Sustainable water management has profound implications for a variety of sectors, including agriculture and food security, energy, economic development, public health, and ecosystem services.

Here's how we approach our goals.

  • Taking an Interdisciplinary Approach

    As an interdisciplinary Water Center at Illinois State University, the center brings together water activists, environmentalists, scientists, policy-makers, academicians, scholars, artists, and working professionals to advance research and awareness, innovative and collaborative ideas, and outreach activities in an effort to promote and enhance effective and viable water solutions and stewardship within Illinois and with our regional, national, and global partners.

    This approach helps us engage diverse ideas and develop creative solutions to tackle water challenges. It also breaks down silos, transcends boundaries, and ensures we make a positive impact.

  • Getting Others Involved

    The Center for a Sustainable Water Future offers faculty from different disciplines at Illinois State University opportunities to design new learning experiences for students both in and outside the classroom to learn about sustainable development, using water as a lens to study the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

    Students are our greatest resource to ensure we have a sustainable water future. We actively collaborate with them and faculty to create active learning experiences. This can take on many forms, including service learning projects, research opportunities, and experiential learning activities.

  • Raising Awareness

    We seek to raise awareness about the crucial role water plays in our lives and our future. Whether we are hosting a guest speaker or supporting a community project, we promote education and engaged scholarship through community engagement and active learning.

  • Supporting Scholarship

    We encourage and support interdisciplinary work that promotes water sustainability.

    Learn more about scholarship at the Water Center
  • Expanding Our Reach

    We are passionate about civic engagement. When a community member or organization has a water sustainability need, we provide resources and assistance.

    View our outreach efforts and see how we can help